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Q1 What is Promotion?

Back To School enables Dell customers to get an amazing package of their choice.

  • Back To School is for end customers buying eligible SKU’s Inspiron 3000/5000/7000, 2 in 1, Gaming , Alienware, XPS, Desktops & All in ones
  • After purchasing, customer needs to register on this site with all details dellconsumeroffer.com/register
  • Customers will need to submit a scanned copy of the invoice as proof of purchase and a scanned copy of an ID proof because some states regulations require this for us to ship products.
  • Customer will get a Registration Reference Number. A customer has to use a reference number for all future communication.
  • A registration will be validated and a link to make the payment will be sent to the customer. Post payment goodies will be dispatched to customers.
  • Warranty upgrade will happen within 21 days of payment realization.
  • Physical Goods within 45 working days post payment realization.
Q2 Is mobile number and email id mandatory?
Yes, mobile number & email address are mandatory. All program communication will be sent to the registered mobile number and email id.
Q3 Do I to give my current residence address or Permanant one?
Kindly provide the address where you want your goodies to be dispatched. Change of address request will not be entertained.
Q4 Where can I find the Service tag?

Service tag has to be 7-digit alpha numeric numbers located on the CPU/Notebook backside.

Q5. What if the Service Tag is not valid?
If the service tag registered is not valid, the claim will be rejected. Click here to view service tag information www.dell.co.in
Q6. What if ST is already registered by other customer?
If while registering the Service Tag is showing as already registered, you can still complete your registration. CSR team at the backend will validate claims and if they feel the case is genuine it will be sent for DELL approval. Post approval customers can make payment and get the goodies.
Q7. What if the model number is not in the list of the drop down?
All valid model numbers are part of the drop down, please recheck the same.
Q8. What if the partner's name is not in the list?
Please select the option of Multi brand outlet.
Q5. What if the Service Tag is not valid?
If the service tag registered is not valid, the claim will be rejected. Click here to view service tag information www.dell.co.in
Q9. Calendar does not show date previous to 7 days of claim date
As per the program T& C, a customer has to register his claim within 7 days of purchase. Therefore, the calendar shows a 7-day period for registration. Please contact us for further queries.
Q10. What if I uploaded the wrong invoice by mistake?
If wrong invoice is uploaded the claim will get rejected. Customer has to re register for the same claim. A customer can register only twice in the program.
Q11. What if I don't have the invoice?
The claim will be rejected if a wrong invoice is uploaded. The user will be able submit the claim if the invoice is not uploaded.
Q12. When will my registration get validated?
Once you submit the claim with all details and invoice copy, the claim will be validated at the backend. Post successful validation payment link will be sent to you instantly. If a claim is rejected, intimation will be sent to the registered mobile number along with the reason for rejection. TAT for claim to be validated is 72 working hours.
Q13. By When can we make payments?
Post successful validation, you will get a link to make payment via SMS. The link given will be activated for 7 Calendar days. Post which link will get deactivated, and claim will be rejected. In case a customer deletes his message by mistake or fails to open the link given, then the payment can be made by logging in to the portal. Click on the “My orders” page, the order will have an activated payment link to complete the payment.
Q14. How will I get to know about the status of my payment? What happens if payment gets rejected?
You will get a message from the payment gateway on every successful or rejected transaction. In case payment is rejected, you can retry using some other mode of payment. Without successful payment, the order will not be processed.
Q15. How can I check the status of have my claim and Goodies?
Yes, you can check real time update of your claim by login to the portal. On the homepage click on home, you will be able to see tab for all your claims that have been added on the status page. The reference number will be a key identifier for all program related queries/issues.
Q16. Where can I connect if I have a query
The offer is designed so you can check the status at any time online on dellconsumeroffer.com In case there are any further queries you can connect with us on – All customer queries regarding related to payment gateway, document submission or the offer, please reach out to (number – will share once we get a new number for dell) (Monday – Saturday) 10 AM - 6 PM or raise a query on our website. For more details, please visit the contact us page on the website.